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City of Whitefish
“Anderson-Montgomery has prepared every one of our water and wastewater grant and loan applications since 2004 with a 100% success rate.”  “We have been very pleased with their technical expertise, professional judgment and prompt attention to our preferences and needs on every project.”
- John C. Wilson, P.E., Whitefish Director of Public Works

City of Polson
“They have provided engineering services on a number of projects including grant writing, having a high percentage of success, and report preparation for both long and short-term projects.”
- Tony Porrazzo, Water and Sewer Superintendent

Big Mountain County Sewer District
"Anderson-Montgomery was terrific communicators. They advised us of grants that were available to the sewer board and they had the expertise to apply for them.”
- Sandra Carpenter, VP of Big Mountain County Sewer Board

Ptarmigan Owners Association
"Paul adeptly managed the development of the plans, meetings with Board members, fielding questions and always with the utmost professionalism, executing to the fullest.” “Paul is talented at both taking in the big picture ideas and executing the small details. His services were cost effective and efficient.” “I highly recommend Paul and Anderson-Montgomery.”
- Kevin Murphy, Maintenance Supervisor for Ptarmigan Village

Montana State Hospital
“AMCE takes very complicated systems and breaks them down, and explains them to the owners on a level that the owner can understand. This makes it possible for us to relay to legislation what the needs of the hospital campus are. AMCE has worked with several contractors on various jobs, and they have been able to address problems in a timely manner, and work diligently to keep the project on task and on budget. All of our projects together have been successful, and we highly recommend Anderson-Montgomery for your project. AMCE consistently provides quality service and design. We look forward to continuing our relationship on future projects”
- Tracey Thun, CFO and Director of Support Services
- Alan Glueckert, Maintenance Manager

Goodan-Keil County Water District
“I have found Paul Montgomery to be one of the most responsive, customer oriented engineers I have worked with in my 20 year career in the engineering field. I am impressed not only with his knowledge relating to rural water systems but more importantly with his ability to obtain grant funding. Paul successfully obtained grant funding to pay for over 50% of our project. Without this grant money, our project would have been cost prohibitive.” “This selection has been the absolute right choice.” “I have found Anderson-Montgomery to be one of the most responsive, customer-oriented engineering firms I have worked with in my 20 year career in the engineering field.”
- Alan Bronec, P.E., Board President

Elk Meadows Ranchettes County Water District
“Anderson-Montgomery was outstanding in their capacity to react to both unforeseen challenges and opportunities that presented themselves throughout the project, with the final outcome being a water system that is far better than originally envisioned in the PER.”  “They are truly professional, in every sense of the word, and we would not hesitate to work with them again should the opportunity present itself.”
- Roger Cox, President, Elk Meadows Water Board

City of Helena, Non-Motorized Travel Advisory Council
“Anderson-Montgomery’s careful listening and willingness and ability to work closely with City professionals and Council amateurs alike, resulted in a very sound, workable plan for a five mile, two-million dollar bike and pedestrian plan, linking Helena’s west to east sides.”
- Bruce Newell, Chair

Spring Meadows County Water District
”The Board of Directors of the Spring Meadows County Water District can only say great things about the engineering and design that was provided us from Anderson-Montgomery and their dedication to us through out the project.”
- Wendell Petersen, President, Spring Meadows County Water District

Park City County Water & Sewer District
“Anderson-Montgomery’s staff is an endless source of help, and does an excellent job in dealing with state departments, contractors, and our local sewer district office.”
- Robert A. Lowman, President, Board of Directors

Town of Superior
“We have always found AMCE willing to go the extra mile on everything that was needed to complete our projects.”
- Roger S. Wasley, Public Works Supervisor

City of Helena
“I have found Scott Anderson, Paul Montgomery and staff to be highly competent, professional and of great assistance in tackling some complex issues.  They have also exercised good judgment and business practices in managing their consultant services contracts to avoid cost overruns and scope changes.”
- John Rundquist, P.E., Public Works

Town of Hot Springs
“The contract that Anderson-Montgomery wrote was so clear and well written that we came out on top every time.  The job went so well that I actually enjoyed it.”
- Dan Oberlander, Public Works Director


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