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Whitefish Wastewater System Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) Anderson-Montgomery Consulting Engineers (AMCE) is working with the City of Whitefish to complete facilities planning for improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment plant which will allow the City to achieve compliance with existing and proposed MPDES discharge permit standards. The existing treatment facility cannot meet the new standards without major reconstruction. The PER considered treatment alternatives to address the existing permit as well as position the City for anticipated new limits that have been proposed by the DEQ for the next 5 and 10 years, as the discharge permit is renewed. A new Sequencing Batch Reactor has been proposed for construction. Robert Peccia and Associates of Helena and Richwine Environmental of Portland are working with AMCE on this study.

Missoula Biosolids & Green Waste Management Study - AMCE is assisting the City of Missoula with evaluating their current practice of sending plant biosolids to EKO Compost. The primary goal of the study was to explore the City’s available options for biosolids & green waste management; assess acquisition of the private compost operation and if secured, bring the composting operation into compliance with current and anticipated regulatory standards. Odors have been an ongoing issue with the composting facility.

Whitefish Nutrient Reduction and Trading Plan – In conjunction with the Whitefish Wastewater Improvements PER, a Nutrient Reduction and Trading Plan was prepared by Anderson-Montgomery in conjunction with Robert Peccia and Associates. The plan considered non-plant options for nutrient reduction, such as storm water control or reduction of discharge volume through irrigation. Trading options such as purchasing pollutant reduction credits from another point source or a nonpoint source were considered as a means of meeting the source (WWTP) pollutant discharge obligations.  This plan was funded primarily with a DNRC-RRGL grant.

Flathead Lake Biological Station Wastewater PER – Anderson-Montgomery is preparing a PER for the Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS), a research and education facility for the University of Montana located on Yellow Bay of Flathead Lake.  The purpose of the PER is to evaluate the FLBS wastewater treatment facility to identify and prioritize needed improvements.  The existing plant is deteriorating, requires a continuous discharge to Flathead Lake and is difficult to operate. A new facility is anticipated which does not require a surface water discharge. 

Whitefish I&I Mitigation – Anderson-Montgomery recently completed oversight of construction for the City of Whitefish including the rehabilitation of several thousand lineal feet of 6, 8 and 10 inch sewer mains as well as rehabilitation of almost 60 manholes. Much of the work was adjacent to Whitefish Lake in fully developed areas with difficult access constraints. The work was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. This project was funded with DNRC-RRGL, MDOC-TSEP and SRF funding.

Montana State Hospital – AMCE is working with the Montana State Hospital in preparation of an evaluation of their existing wastewater treatment system and investigating provisions for a backup water supply system.  Wastewater treatment options will consider compliance with existing and projected treatment standards, necessitating installation of a new treatment plant capable of removal of conventional pollutants, pathogenic bacteria and ammonia. Additionally, a study of an existing well is being completed to evaluate the use of this system as a backup water supply if the current delivery of water from the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Water Department is not possible. This well previously served as a water supply well for the hospital up until the mid-nineties and remains in service for irrigation.

Alberton Water Study – Anderson-Montgomery completed a study of the water system for the Town of Alberton including a grant application to the DNRC to fund needed improvements to the control system and installation of a safer disinfection system. The town of Alberton owns and operates a municipal water system with two separate groundwater sources and large quantities of treated drinking water are lost due to poor system control. The improvements will save water, chemicals and energy.

Park City Lagoon Biosolids Removal – Anderson-Montgomery recently provided oversight of the removal and disposal of biosolids from the existing aerated lagoon wastewater treatment system. The accumulated solids were removed from Cells 1, 2, and 3 of Park City’s sewer lagoons and hauled 3.5 miles to a private property that was willing to accept the biosolids to be tilled into the soil at an approved agronomic rate. Biosolids were also disposed on land belonging to Park City.

Polson Downtown Water Mains – Recently Anderson-Montgomery completed the design and oversight of construction of over one mile of water main replacement in the Polson downtown area. Highway crossings were made utilizing boring and jacking installation of pipe. This project required detailed design to avoid utility conflicts.   Prior work on the water system included the design and construction of two 500,000 gallon concrete water storage tanks with piping additions and a complete telemetry control system. AMCE has prepared several successful grants for the City of Polson.

Whitefish River Lakes Forcemain – Anderson-Montgomery designed and managed construction of a new forcemain at the wastewater treatment plant to divert wastewater, previously discharged directly to the lagoon system, to a perforated screen pretreatment facility, insuring that all wastewater sent to the lagoons has been screened. Unscreened wastewater had caused significant operation problems in the lagoons with solids accumulation on the aeration diffusers. Low interest SRF loan funds were used for the work.

Montana State Hospital Utility Improvements – Anderson-Montgomery completed an extensive two phase planning, design and construction oversight of three projects to upgrade the campus wastewater collection system and portions of the water distribution system. Additionally, a discharge of thermal water was diverted from the sewer system, requiring an independent conveyance conduit.  Wastewater discharge to the existing lagoons has been roughly reduced by 50 percent. Most of the hospitals sewage collection system, including both pipe and manholes, has been rehabilitated utilizing cured in place epoxy liners. Several old pipes and manholes serving buildings demolished in the past decade were abandoned to reduce sources of infiltration and inflow. Reconstruction of gravel and paved roads was a major component of the project.

Montana Law Enforcement Academy – Anderson-Montgomery recently completed the design and oversight of construction two phases of water system improvements. The first phase included the drilling of a new permanent water supply well, test pumping, installation of a permanent well pump, drop pipe and pitless unit. The second phase included installation of a new pumphouse, storage tank repairs, installation of a disinfection system, auxiliary generator, and a compressed air surge mixing system to keep the elevated storage tank from freezing.

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