AMCE has participated in all phases of wastewater project development, beginning with preliminary design focusing on equipment and materials selection. Our staff uses Hydra flow modeling software to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of sewage collection systems in order to identify needed improvements. Full design services are provided for all wastewater treatment facilities ranging from simple onsite systems to complex municipal nutrient removal plants. The firm has experience in the development of solids handling facilities including biosolids disposal and beneficial reuse. Utilizing specialized consultants and our own personnel and equipment, we have completed infiltration/inflow studies on wastewater collection systems. Where necessary, the firm can assist with negotiation of MPDES discharge permits as well as other regulatory permits. We provide complete construction management services for our projects, working to complete projects on time and with a low change order rate. Upon construction completion, the firm will prepare as-built plans and O&M guidance manuals, oversee plant startup, and provide ongoing system oversight. AMCE always remains available to clients long after the completion of the project.

Drinking Water

Our Firm can provide complete services for the development of water supply, treatment and distribution projects. AMCE’s staff utilizes WaterCADD: Haestad Methods to model complete water systems and identify infrastructure needs through varying demand simulations. AMCE has assisted clients with source development, characterization and protection including permitting and procurement of water rights. We have experience in the design and construction of ground level and elevated concrete and steel storage tanks. Anderson-Montgomery has helped water systems better use and conserve water supplies through the installation of water meters, water-conservation measures and implementation of consumptive-based user charge systems. Through the use of leak detection equipment, we have helped communities identify and minimize water loss.

Construction Management

Anderson-Montgomery strives to see every project through to absolute and successful conclusion. This is why we take pride in the comprehensive construction management services we provide to our clients. Our staff resources include resident construction inspectors who monitor and assess construction progress on a daily basis, identifying and resolving issues before they become problems for the Owner. Every aspect of complex construction projects is documented by our inspectors and project managers in order to protect the interests of our clients and advocate on their behalf in any dispute resolution. When construction is complete, we provide for project start-up, close-out, final payment, as-built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals, warranty provisions, and funding agency reports. It is our goal to make your project function smoothly from planning, through design, construction and commissioning.


AMCE considers the basis for any successful infrastructure project as practical and sound planning. Planning efforts must produce a document that the client can not only use in the pursuit of project funding, but also a document that charts a course for future improvements and policies in a cost-effective manner. Our firm has produced comprehensive planning documents, including Preliminary Engineering Reports, Capital Improvement Plans and Master Plans for over 30 Montana communities. We are also fully capable of undertaking related planning efforts, including: Environmental Assessments; Impact Studies; Needs Surveys; Income Surveys; and Technical Memoranda.


Anderson-Montgomery’s staff has a wealth of experience in state and federal financial assistance programs including preparation of grant and loan applications as well as providing ongoing administration of those funding programs on behalf of our clients. Under contract with state funding agencies, our firm has reviewed over a hundred planning documents and grant applications - giving us a wealth of experience on how to craft a successful financial package. We have developed and implemented equitable User Charge Systems to fund the clients’ debt service and ongoing O&M. We work to develop complete funding packages for our clients, often using several sources of grant and loan assistance. AMCE will leave no stone unturned when assisting a client find affordable funding for a pending infrastructure project.


AMCE has completed numerous studies examining the extension of infrastructure into under-developed areas surrounding Montana communities. Transportation facilities are one of the overriding issues for these areas. We have performed traffic modeling scenarios under variable development patterns and helped County governments plan for needed road improvements. We also specialize in non-motorized travel planning, design and construction, focusing on safety, affordability and reliability.








AMCE’s staff is skilled at modeling and design of stormwater collection, detention, treatment and disposal infrastructure. Proper sizing of catchment, conveyance piping and retention facilities is critical in implementing a cost-effective and dependable system that operates in varying weather and runoff conditions. Our engineers have implemented numerous stormwater projects in the mid-west and northwest, and are fully tooled-up to tackle any stormwater project needs.

Solid Waste

Our staff prides itself on staying abreast of new innovations for handling solid waste, always looking for ways to tailor those techniques for our clients. We have prepared solid waste planning documents with recommendations on recycling/disposal methods for standard recyclables as well as more problematic waste streams like e-waste, pharmaceuticals, glass and liquids. We are also well-versed in disposal and beneficial reuse of municipal biosolids in accordance with applicable federal regulations.


AMCE engineers are qualified and proficient in the design of concrete structures (standard reinforced, pre-stressed, post-tensioned), masonry buildings, steel fabrications and wood. Many of our municipal infrastructure projects include a significant structural component and we handle these designs completely in-house. We do rely on outside geotechnical expertise for critical site investigations upon which to base our designs.
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